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Communicating in the New Normal

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Roommate or Cellmate?

The stay at home orders that are currently in place in many areas of the world may have made your home feel like a prison.  This is especially true if you live in a small apartment.  And while you can find many ways to bide your time, whether it be hobbies or binge watching theContinue reading “Roommate or Cellmate?”

Your New Social Circle

One thing that most people can agree with these days is that COVID caused a massive disturbance in your social life.  Drinks down at the pub, pick up games of basketball, or even just a quick coffee catch up have become difficult, if not impossible, activities. Being able to keep in contact with friends and/orContinue reading “Your New Social Circle”

The New Workplace

If you are lucky enough to still have a job, I’m willing to bet that things have changed at your workplace quite a bit in the last few months.   However  much that things have changed though, the one thing that hasn’t is the need for everyone to communicate with each other in the workplace. NowContinue reading “The New Workplace”

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